100 Days of Colours

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Are you doing the 100 Day Project? The idea is to choose a particular action or thing to make, and to do it every day for 100 days. I’ve attempted this before and tend to give up a couple of weeks in, but I’ve learned from last year’s Inktober experience how to keep up.

100 Day Project100 Day Project 100 Day Project 100 Day Project

The keys to sticking with a daily challenge are:

  1. Have defined constraints, rather than leaving things open-ended.
  2. Set aside time.
  3. Keep the tools simple.

I’ve gone with 100 Days of Colours, an exploration of colour palettes, mainly drawn in Procreate on the iPhone during my morning bus ride. Colour swatches don’t communicate a ton on their own, so I’m playing around with simple patterns, lettering and abstracts. It’s tricking finger painting on a phone, on the bus, but these kinds of constraints make sticking with it easier.

It’s a bit different to my lettering work, which is why I’ve created a separate Instagram account – @100DaysofColours.

100 Day Project 100 Day Project 100 Day Project 100 Day Project

If you want to join in, let me know so I can see what you’re making!

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