2018 Calendar

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photo of 2018 calendar

So it’s 2018!

Okay yes, I know that it has been 2018 for almost two months now, and you’ve probably already bought a nice 2018 calendar ages ago. But just in case… here’s mine which you can download and print out for free! This has been on my to-do list for 6 months and even though it’s terribly late it feels great to finally cross it off! Maybe I should start planning for the 2019 calendar now…

This calendar features:

  • a nice roomy A4 design for writing all the important things you want to do
  • hand written brush lettering
  • a mini preview of the next month
  • space for notes on the side
  • random purple swooshy brush strokes that aren’t too in-your-face
  • January and February 2019 because I couldn’t just make a 10 month calendar but the 2018 ones would have been a bit useless at this point

I printed my own copy out on some 180gsm paper and it looks pretty damn nice. Enjoy!


This calendar is intended for personal use only. Please don’t try to sell or redistribute, but feel free to use for your own planning!

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