Brush Basics Calligraphy Workshops

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January Brush calligraphy workshop

Calligraphy workshops seem to be getting more popular in Perth, and I’ve been caught by surprise to have so much interest in my Brush Basics workshops! I had planned to just run a few throughout the year, but due to popular demand it looks like it will be more frequent.

I’ve been asked a few times about why I choose to start beginners off on their calligraphy journey with paintbrushes and ink. Firstly, it’s my favourite medium to work with, and one that I keep coming back to even as I fall in and out of love with fancier tools. Brush lettering is more forgiving and open to expression than dip pen calligraphy, and the equipment is easier to get hold of and learn to use. It’s still more challenging than using a felt tip brush pen, but that’s what makes it exciting and fun – a brush is an extra step removed from pens you might use day to day. And lastly, a brush brings with it a texture and unpredictability that makes every stroke unique, even if it is imperfect.

My first workshop of the year was held at the old MANY 6160 building in Fremantle – a gorgeous space, although they’ve now moved to MANY 2.0!

January Brush calligraphy workshop

In February I held another Brush Basics calligraphy workshop at West Elm Perth, as part of their Valentine’s Day themed events.

In April I held my first Brush Basics lettering workshop at my new venue for the next few at least – Monk Studio!

New business cards!
calligraphy ink

Teaching workshops is a lot of work, but it’s so fun to watch people who introduce themselves as “not very creative” having a go and creating some really beautiful artwork by the end of the class. It really doesn’t matter if your handwriting is terrible (mine is!) or you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since school – calligraphy is something that anyone can become good at with time and practice.

These workshops sold out surprisingly quickly, so if you want to hear when the next one is released your best bet is to subscribe to my letters. An announcement will be coming soon!

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