Brush Basics Workshop Wrapup

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When I first started learning calligraphy and lettering, I never imagined that I’d be showing others how to start on their own calligraphy journey. I’ve now run a few brush calligraphy workshops as a guest teacher at Beau Est Mien and Eeny Empire, but last month was the first one that I’ve done completely on my own!


I really wanted to make this one special, and use everything that I’ve learned from previous workshops to make it the best one yet. With a new Brush Basics zine (more on that soon), worksheets and an ink splattered folder along with brushes and ink, it’s everything a newbie needs to get started and continue practicing at home.

The workshop was held at Many 6160, a unique pop-up space in Fremantle. On lovely long wooden tables surrounded by cool little boutiques, my students learned the basics of brush lettering. As always, I was so impressed with their quick progress! Even if you haven’t picked up a brush since school or have shocking handwriting, it just take some practice to get a good result.


I’m planning to run this workshop again in January 2017 – more details coming soon!

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