Sketching & How to Win at Pictionary

At the DDD Perth 2018 conference, I got to speak about using sketching to work things out and communicate ideas. Drawing, and showing drawings to others can be a bit confronting for non-artists, so here’s some tips about why it’s worth doing and how to approach it without fear.

Perth Web Accessibility Camp 2018, in sketchnotes

I love the idea of a future where tech can be an enabler, rather than an inhibitor, for people with different abilities. Being part of creating an accessible web has been an important part of my digital design work for some time now, so I jumped at the chance to attend the 2018 Perth Web…

2018 Calendar

So it’s 2018! Okay yes, I know that it has been 2018 for almost two months now, and you’ve probably already bought a nice 2018 calendar ages ago. But just in case… here’s mine which you can download and print out for free! This has been on my to-do list for 6 months and even…

Let’s work together

I’ve reworked this space to share more of my thoughts on lettering and calligraphy, and to work with companies looking for a hand lettering artist.