Embroidered Lettering

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Handmade felt hamburger

Embroidering lettering has been on my list of things to try for ages, but that list is a long list. This attempt wasn’t particularly planned, although neither was spending hours hand stitching a dimensional burger costume from felt I had lying around. I could have superglued something more 2D together in under an hour and still had a pretty impressive costume for this pun-themed party, but having put this much effort in it felt wrong not to top it off with an embroidered flag.

Handmade felt hamburger with a flag that says Chisa Burgers

I got this split stitch embroidery technique from this post, which has a few other ideas for embroidering letters that I’d like to try. I just used regular thread for mine because I wanted to use up things I already had, but I think you can get a much better result with proper embroidery thread.

How did the costume end up looking on you ask?

Me dressed as a burger
Me dressed as a burger, and DT dressed as a cereal killer

It didn’t utilise my ‘bun in the oven’ as the bun as much as I had hoped, but for a costume made entirely from craft things I was planning on getting rid of I think it’s not too bad (even perhaps a little over the top). The pun only really makes sense to a certain crowd – online my nickname is ‘Chisa’, so I was a ‘Chisa Burger’! I did a terrible job of taking photos of me wearing it, but there is also a bun base sitting on my back like a comfy cushion, with a brown felt wrap around my middle as the (very large) meat patty.

Now I’m looking for the next thing to embroider a bit of lettering onto!

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