Why hire a hand lettering artist?

Hire a lettering artist if you:

  • want something which is entirely unique, and ensure no other brand will be using the exact same ‘font’
  • want to connect to your audience on a more friendly level, especially younger generations
  • want a completely bespoke logo design that will stand out amongst your competitors
  • want to complement a clean and simple logo or brand with a more organic feel
  • want to express more personality through your brand than typical fonts will allow

My process

First, some questions

Each project begins with my project questionnaire, which helps me get a complete idea of your business, your goals, and what you’re hoping to get out of this project. There’s a lot of questions to think about, but this is an important part of the process that sets us up for a successful project.

The right fit

I’m not able to take on every client, and not every project will be the best fit. If hand lettering or calligraphy doesn’t look like the right solution for you, I will say so up front. It’s important to me that I’m in the best position to help my clients, and that they are happy to work with me in my process.

Discussion and proposal

I’ll be in touch to discuss any queries you may have and send through a proposal with a breakdown of costs, timings and terms. At this stage we can agree on specific deliverables and discuss when you can be booked into my schedule. Once I’ve received your deposit I can get started!

Research and inspiration

With the project objectives and target audience in mind, I’ll then begin research into competitors, styles, and other inspiration to nail down the look and feel that will have the maximum impact. After discussing this initial research with you, I’ll begin the creation process.

Design exploration

Usually beginning with pencil or ink and brush, I’ll explore various concept ideas to narrow down on the right design for your project. This stage can be loose,messy, and experimental which is why I ask you to trust my judgement as a professional in choosing the best solution for your goals.

Final design finessing

After honing in on the right design, I’ll recreate the best sketch in ink and then translate this concept in digital format. Tweaking and adjustments will be made at this point to ensure that it will display beautifully in your chosen medium.


Once the final design is complete, I will send through a presentation including documentation of the entire process, design decisions and how this artwork can help you achieve your goals.


The final artwork files and any other deliverables will then be delivered upon payment of the final invoice. Congratulations, you’re ready to go turn heads with your new design!

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