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Brush lettering workshop

I have been running beginners’ brush lettering workshops for a few years now, and I still get a buzz out of sharing what I’ve learned. There’s always something special about seeing those first hesitant brush strokes turn into confident letters and words by the end of the class. One session might not make you into a master, but it’ll equip you with the practical knowledge and tools to keep practicing to get there if you want to (or just enough to impress your friends!). I’ve found that whilst books and videos can be useful, nothing beats the hands on experience of learning lettering in a workshop with a teacher who can correct or demonstrate and guide you with the basics.

Group of brush basics lettering workshop students

I’m taking a break from running workshops this year whilst I’m off having a baby, although I do have lettering worksheets and guide booklets available if you really want to learn from me in the meantime!

Here’s some other awesome Perth artists that you might want to learn from:

Small Brown Writes

Kenaina teaches modern calligraphy with a pointed pen and runs workshops every few months. Her style is beautiful and whimsical, and a perfect base to discover your own style from. You can see more of her calligraphy work over on her website.

Judith Ann Calligraphy

Judith Ann Calligraphy

Judith works with and teaches heaps of different calligraphy styles, with lots of gestural and colourful flair. She runs calligraphy and handwriting workshops quite regularly and also does private sessions on request. You can see her wide variety of work on her Facebook page or Instagram.

Mystrie brush calligraphy workshop
Mystrie brush calligraphy workshop


Mystrie has just started teaching workshops, but wow she has hit the ground running! Her first one was for brush calligraphy using brush pens, and there’s more to come. You can follow her on Instagram or sign up to her mailing list to find out when the next workshops will be run.

Sophie Rach

Sophie teaches modern calligraphy and watercolour florals, which complement each other beautifully. You can follow her Facebook page for details of her next workshops.

Ink and Anchor brush lettering workshop
Ink and Anchor

Ink & Anchor

Ross teaches brush lettering workshops with a slick sign painting style. He’s also one of the organisers of Type Club, which is not a workshop but is an awesome way to meet other lettering artists and enthusiasts. Keep an eye on his Facebook page for workshop dates.

I love the Perth community and being able to recommend other artists and designers when I’m not available – everyone has a different style and perspective, and something valuable to share. I’ll be adding to this list If you know of any other awesome local artists teaching workshops, please comment below!


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