May Brush Lettering Workshop

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Here’s a few snaps from my recent beginners brush lettering workshop run through Eeny Empire!

For this workshop I wanted to create easy to follow worksheets, as well as basic guide sheets for my students to practice with. The worksheets show basic strokes, lowercase and capital letters in a simple brush calligraphy style. Guide lines showing ascenders, descenders, baseline, x-height and angle make it easy to keep things consistent and learn the basics before moving on to more complicated compositions.

Creating brush lettering worksheets
Creating brush lettering worksheets
brush lettering workshop worksheets-5
Each line of the worksheet has an example, a tracing version and space to try!

My ten students each received a brush pack, ink, the series of worksheets and some extra guide sheets to practice on. Everyone did so well considering how much we packed into the three hour workshop! Fuelled by tea and Tim Tams, I took them through the basic terminology and techniques, finishing up with some extra references and composition tips.

Brush lettering workshop
Learning the basic brush lettering strokes
eeny empire brush lettering workshop-6
Writing left-handed is tricky, but doable!

Teaching is such a rewarding experience; I think it helps my own practice to break down the steps and think about how to describe them to beginners. It was a really great session, and it’s been lovely to my students practicing and posting on Instagram since the workshop.

eeny empire brush lettering workshop-2

Some of the feedback from the class:

I attended your workshop on the weekend (I was one of the lefties!) and I just wanted to personally tell you how much I loved your class! It was exactly what I wanted and I later went home to practice that night. You are an excellent teacher and explained everything SO well, so no wonder everybody caught on quickly!

– Tiffany

Thank you so much for your workshop I really enjoyed it and appreciate you sharing your talents with us. Thank you also for all the info in your email, I’ve printed off some of your practise sheets to have a play this weekend

– Rhiannon

– Tiffany

Whilst the worksheets are exclusively for my students, you can grab my free guide sheet by subscribing to Letters from Teresa at the bottom of the page. I’ll be sending out a short newsletter monthly with some inspiration, lettering tips and updates on upcoming workshops. I can’t wait to do more!

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