New year, new plans

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Diary for 2017

Another year done, and another new year begins! I’ve done some looking back over 2016 over on my personal blog, but here’s a bit of looking forward to the year ahead.

Some of my work from 2016
Some of my work from 2016

I’m someone who goes back and forth on New Years resolutions. Some years I get overly ambitious and aim for a million things; other years I join the camp of “resolutions are pointless anyway”. Whilst I don’t really have any big resolutions for this year, I do have a bunch of things I’d like to try and do, which flow neatly on from the work that I did in 2016.

Here’s the plan:

  • New products. I’ll be continuing free monthly printable calendars and other bits and pieces, but what I’d really love to do is fine art prints, notebooks, resources for learning lettering, and print calendars for next year.
  • More workshops. Brush Basics #2 is sold out and will be running in a few weeks; I’m hoping to run at least another 3 Brush Basics workshops this year, and possibly a few other ones. Modern pointed pen calligraphy? Brush pens? Working with gold? Watercolour lettering? I haven’t yet decided, but let me know if any of these sound good.
  • More logos and branding work. Designing logos is why I got into lettering in the first place, so I’d like to put more energy into growing this skill and my client work this year.
  • A shift from calligraphy towards lettering. They might sound like the same thing, but they’re not exactly (here’s the definitions of calligraphy vs lettering vs typography). I still love calligraphy, and it will certainly inform my lettering work, but ultimately I want the versatility, personality and branding potential of hand lettering rather than pursuing traditional calligraphy.
  • More illustration. No big reason, I just really love drawing and really want to pick it up again!
  • More experiments. I love messing around with creative things, so this year I’m looking forward to experimenting with different media, and bringing lettering into it. Ceramics, screen printing, 3D printing and paper craft are all on my list.
  • Getting less caught up in social media. It’s so easy to watch my Instagram follower count go up and down by a few each day, and panic when I don’t have anything social media worthy to post. The fact is however that those numbers aren’t real – I’ve see enough bots following and “commenting” on posts by other bots to know better! My plan this year is to focus on making great work, posting about it when it makes sense to, and letting everything else flow from there.
  • New logo! Yes, it’s finally getting there. Due to be rolled out pretty soon.
  • Website updates. Since I spend my days designing and coding websites, I’ve amassed quite a list of things to fix here and there – and that was before I decided on a rebrand. Some of these changes will be bigger than others, but they’ll be sprinkled throughout the year, and since I don’t get a ton of visitors they will likely go unnoticed. But I’ll know, and that matters to me.

That does sound like a lot, but I’ve set most of these things in motion last year to get a bit of a head start (otherwise it’s just tempting to not begin new year’s resolutions until February!).

What do you have planned for this year?

P.S. I’m trying a Whitelines notebook for this year’s Bullet Journal, and couldn’t resist writing twenty seventeen on it in white pen, pictured up the top. Review coming up once I’ve gotten a better feel for it.

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