Brush Lettering

Brush lettering can take on whatever personality is needed to suit the messaging, and there’s nothing like playing with a paintbrush and ink or watercolour.

Although this style and tools often form the starting point for my branding work, I’m always experimenting and practicing with different techniques and applications. Here are a few of my favourites.

Scanning brush lettering, messing with the colours and combining with paint blobs and swashes is how I’ve managed to incorporate more colour into my work.

The old art of illumination, burnishing with gold leaf, gives interesting results with brush lettering.
Christmas gift tags, made with blue ink and printed on watercolour paper, for a summery Australian Christmas.

Brush lettering with watercolour paints adds more texture and expression to the style, and is always fun to experiment with. These are some cards made for Valentine’s Day.

One of my favourite sources for things to write are the words of wonderful authors. Bruce Lee’s words are always an inspiration.
My other favourite source of quotes to write is The Simpsons and pop culture.