Ibiza N2

Mural design & painting

This opportunity came after a casual Instagram post featuring an evening gelato run with some quick lettering. The owners of Ibiza N2 in Mt Lawley contacted me about painting the large blank wall in their cafe, and although I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull it off, I jumped at the chance.

Lettering plus gelato, chocolate and churros? Definitely up my alley.

In creating the design, I took inspiration from what Ibiza N2 does and how it all fits together.

If you’re not familiar with liquid nitrogen ice-cream, it involves mixing the (liquid) ingredients to order with liquid nitrogen, which freezes the mixture and creates a smooth gelato with very little ice crystals compared to the slower traditional process. It’s super tasty!

The owners have also brought their expertise in churros and hot chocolate from Madrid, which of course had to feature too.

Inspiration: gelato making processMural design process

The process starts with projecting the image onto the wall and outlining it in chalk (to be erased later).

Mural step 1: tracing via projector

With that complete, I painted over the outlines with acrylic paint.

Mural painting in progress

Completed mural!Mural detail

The completed mural is 4m x 1.3m – my biggest work so far.