Teresa Watts branding

Logo design, branding

My own logo has gone through a few iterations, as the focus of my business changed from general design to a strong focus on lettering and branding.

My early lettering logo design concepts always involve writing the words many times, with different styles, variations and tools to see the possibilities of different effects.

The overall form tends to come together quickly, but the tweaks and refinements after this stage make up the bulk of the work.

Early logo lettering exploration

I designed the logo to feel delicate without being overly feminine; to have notes of script style calligraphy whilst still being strong and modern.

It was important to me for my logo to reflect the hand lettered nature of my work, whilst also being versatile and readable enough to be used at very small sizes on social media.

I made sure that the logo would work on a single line or stacked for a squarer shape, as well as a simple monogram logo mark.

Teresa Watts logo

The colour palette as a whole is bold and energetic, but used in pairs can be more mellow or delicate as needed.

I use hand painted, scanned and recoloured swooshes, smudges, swirls, stripes and spots to connect the clean lines of the logo back to the hand crafted process that underlines my brand.

My business card design is simple black and white, featuring the logo with a subtle raised print. I intentionally left the back of the cards blank to allow for each business card to have unique hand painted splatters, swashes, paintings or words.

Teresa Watts business card design and logo design