Twelve Truths About Digital Marketing

Lettering & Illustration
Work done for: Bam Creative

12 Truths about Digital Marketing is a concise promotional booklet covering 12 very important points to remember when undertaking any digital marketing. Each ‘truth’ was paired with custom lettering and illustrations, and typeset into an A5 booklet. The illustrations were also used in a series on the Bam Creative blog.

Beginning with some quick thumbnail sketches, the cover page and each title was drawn with a few different versions to get an idea of layout and illustrated elements. The brief asked for a look that was both fun and relaxed, but at the same time simple and consistent.

The best option for each was then chosen to be properly designed at a larger scale. The sketches were carefully redrawn in pencil, this time paying greater attention to balance and the styles of letterforms, then inked with a black marker.

At this point, the designs would normally be scanned and converted to a vector format for a clean and scaleable finish, but we were after a relaxed and handcrafted feel, so these were simply cleaned up slightly in Photoshop, allowing the texture and imperfections of the marker to show through.

The printed booklets were sent out to subscribers as part of a campaign, with a lot of positive feedback. A digital version of 12 Truths is still used as a lead magnet for Bam Creative’s blog.

This was a fun project to work on and a great example of how lettering can be used in marketing!

12 Truths booklet