I love running brush lettering workshops! Learn a new skill or style, or take it to the next level with my intermediate calligraphy workshops.

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  • Brush Pen Basics Workshop


    Saturday 28th April 10:30am-12pm

    This faster, leaner beginners workshop is for people who are too on-the-go to mess about with brushes and ink. Instead you’ll get a Tombow Fudenosuke brush pen for speedier learning and a great tool for a mobile lettering kit.

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  • Brush Basics Workshop


    Saturday 28th April 1-4pm

    In this beginners workshop I’ll take you through the basic letter forms, useful tools and tricks, and give you what you need to explore your own style. Included is a brush lettering kit with everything you need to get started.

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Letters from Teresa

I'll be sending out letters once a month with some thoughts and links on lettering, calligraphy, branding & creativity.

You'll also receive a free lettering guide sheet for you to practice and learn with. Come join in!