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Up until recently, my lettering work space involved taking over the dining table, competing with my husband for space and accidentally dropping ink on our (white) dining chair cushions.

I had a spare bedroom upstairs set up as a home office, but for various reasons it just didn’t feel comfortable. The carpet made me nervous about working with ink and paint; my desk had a hacky standing desk arrangement which didn’t have the space or comfort needed for calligraphy; the desk itself wobbled precariously with any slightly vigorous movements; and my attempt at a little floor desk, whilst great for taking photos and videos, was just not comfortable for working at for lengths of time.

Now that I’m beginning to take on client work, I really needed the kind of space that I can work in comfortably and not be interrupted or distracted easily. Lettering and calligraphy requires a lot of focus and concentration!

I did briefly consult Pinterest and consider buying some fancy new furniture, but then realised that I should at least attempt adjusting what I had to make it work better for me.

My office

I brought in an old rug that we no longer use, which will protect the carpet from ink and has the added benefit of making me feel like I’m sitting on a patch of grass. With some tightening of screws and tweaking of supports, my desk no longer shakes, and I abandoned the standing desk arrangement to give myself more desk space to work with.

The glass top which was adding weird reflections to my photos came off and now rests against the wall, serving as a whiteboard for projects.

An A3 art folio serves as a makeshift desktop easel, when I need more of an angle. I borrowed Jeff’s unused office chair, and use some floor cushions as a footrest.

With the desk up against the window there’s plenty of light during the day, whilst a clamped desk lamp gives me extra light at night and doubles as a makeshift phone stand for taking videos.

Most of my supplies are squirrelled away in a wardrobe, but I keep my often used pens, brushes and backdrops out for easy access.

It’s maybe not as styled as some of the lovely home offices I’ve been looking at, but it works for me! I now love my little space and how much more productive I am working here. And it didn’t cost me anything more – just a bit of shuffling things around and working with what I already had.

What’s your home office like? I always love seeing how other people do things.

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