Learning Letterpress

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Letterpress has always felt like such an aspirational thing to me. Beautifully tactile and fascinatingly anachronistic, I’ve toyed with the idea of having letterpress work done for my wedding invitations or business cards, but always balked at the cost. Since doing a letterpress evening course at my local TAFE, I now have the utmost respect for … Continued

Case Study: Teresa Watts Logo

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My first real hand lettering project has also been my longest running one – I began sketching out ideas years ago, never really feeling completely happy with what I came up with. Returning it to it this year with a bit more experience and knowledge under my belt, I was able to steer it in … Continued

Calligraphy beginnings

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I’ve been asked a few times how to get started in calligraphy. I’m still very much a beginner myself, with only a few months under my belt, but here is my story. I wasn’t actually interested in calligraphy at first – I wanted to draw letter forms, and copperplate style calligraphy was one of many styles … Continued

hello world

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A new blog (because apparently the other one isn’t enough) – for my work with and thoughts on design, lettering, calligraphy and illustration. We’ll see how it grows, but tentative plans include case studies, tips and resources, and sketches as well as completed works. Digital design is my bread and butter, but I’ve found a … Continued